Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Amazing Carcosa Boxed Set

I don't know how much I can possibly rave about TRS Games' Carcosa boxed set! It is much more than Dungeons & Dragons Supplement V - it is a fully self-contained OD&D game from an alternate reality.

Much has been written about Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa campaign world so I won't go into it here (see the Carcosa Page and Carcosa Discussion). Whether one likes the setting or not - I personally love it - Carcosa represents the ideal form of what the D&D hobby could be and should be. The inspiration and the vision and the pure pure DIY awesomeness are just lovely things to behold.

This boxed set version of Carcosa is a perfect object of gaming fancy - from the cthonic Erol Otus art to the beautiful digest-sized character sheets to the old school precision-edged dice. The hex crawl map and guide in particular are fabulous. Many thanks to B. Portly Esquire for the labor he put into producing these, and of course thanks to Geoffrey McKinney and the multiple other contributors for the mind-bending content.

Sadly, this boxed set was produced in very small numbers and I was pretty lucky to get a copy. If you want something like this I guess you might just have to do it yourself...