Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cyclopeatron Moving to NY

The blog's been quiet because there's been a lot of real life action going on for me. As some of you know I'm a professor at a certain research university in Irvine, CA (i.e. the southern stretches of the Los Angeles megasprawl). It turns out I've been offered a somewhat more attractive position at a certain research university in Ithaca, NY. It looks like I'm moving to New York this summer. I've spent most of my life in Southern California and I'll miss all my pals that are still sticking around the L.A. area and haven't yet moved to Portland or whatever, but I have to admit there's a lot I won't miss about L.A.

With the move the summer I'll be unusually busy so the blog posting will continue to be sporadic at best until I get settled in the northern marches. In the meantime if any of you know of old school-style roleplayers in the Ithaca area please email me through this blog and let me know! You can scan my blog to see what flavor of gaming I like.

See you all again in the Fall.

Like, later socal...

Mordor, my old home...

I shall adopt this frozen waste as my new homeland. Care you to game with me?