Friday, January 27, 2012

Criswell: WotC to Reprint 2e

The Amazing Criswell says: I predict that in the year 2013 fans of Dungeons & Dragons will take an incredible journey back in time! Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition will rise from the dead! However you MAY BE SURPRISED because this well-loved modular zombie may GO BY ANOTHER NAME! In my mind's eye I see THE NUMBER FIVE!

Rejoice, friends, because in this not-so-distant future I see gamers around the world joining hands as they march through the GATES OF FUN led by their RESURRECTED LORD! I see..

There will be "an underlying foundation or core game, which is D&D distilled to its essence"!

"If you like a tactical game with lots of maps, miniatures, attacks of opportunity and the like, you can use modules to have that game"!

You can "build your own castle"!

"have followers"!

"mix with royalty"!

You can have "extensive skills and ways to customize your character"!

You can have a game that is "tactical"!

...or "epic / high-level"!

Yes, friends, the future will soon be the past!

[Criswell thanks E. Foley, Monte Cook, Mike Mearls, and Jeremy Crawford for their help (in quotes) visualizing these future events!]