Monday, May 10, 2010

My 16 Year Old Niece is a DM!

UPDATE (5/18): My niece set up her own blog called Dungeon Mistress to talk about her D&D campaign. Take a look!

I went to visit my mama yesterday and she passed along these clandestine photos of my 16 year old niece DMing an ALL-FEMALE D&D CAMPAIGN! This is a serious weekly campaign my niece is running, not a singleton pick-up game. My niece created the entire setting they are playing in - a world shattered by an epic historical struggle between factions of wizard-dragons. The players are trying to relearn the forgotten dragon magic to fight a horrifying zombie plague advancing from the northern tundra.

Uncle Cyclopeatron is so proud!

One of the girls in the game is working on a short video documentary about the campaign that will include the players providing in-character interviews. I'm very excited to see how this turns out - hopefully there will be some footage I can post here.

Behold these strange and rare images of high school girls in 2010 playing D&D (posted with permission of my niece):