Monday, February 15, 2010

House rules for our White Box games...

For our White Box D&D sessions we are employing a few basic house rules beyond what is in the 3 little brown books. Here is a brief list of the major house rules. These are pretty much inspired by Gary Gygax's latter-day White Box house rules:

Character Generation:
  • Abilities: 4d6, and remove the lowest die. Assign the six totals to abilities of choice.
  • Level 1 characters start with maximum hit points.
  • Players may not name the characters after themselves, because character death may result in death of the player.
  • Each character starts with 3d6 x 10 pieces of gold.
Ability Bonuses:
  • Strength: Fighters with STR of 14 or higher do +1 damage.
Combat Round:
  1. Players declare actions (move, missile, melee, spell).
  2. Player and DM roll for initiative.
  3. Actions resolved for high initiative group.
  4. Actions resolved for low initiative group.
  • Natural 1: Weapon dropped or misfired.
  • Natural 20: Roll double dice.
  • Bind Wounds: Immediately after combat (within one 10min turn) players may bind wounds for +1d4 HP. This will restore consciousness.
Weapon Damage:
  • Unless otherwise noted, all normal weapons do 1d6 damage. Exceptions:
  • Dagger: 1d6-1
  • Two-handed Sword or Hammer: 1d6+1
Unconsciousness and Death:
  • A character is unconscious at 0HP.
  • A character is dead when it reaches a negative number of hit points equal to its level.